How BioToo Works to Keep You Safe

mokono BioToo

In a world where breaking news spreads across the globe in seconds, there’s still one scenario where a quick response is often missing. And it’s one where the physical and emotional stakes are the highest.

If you’re injured away from home, how will those who love you know about it? And if you can’t communicate with emergency personnel, how will they know how to help you best?

That’s where BioToo can make all the difference, for your health and for your family.

BioToo was created out of the need we saw for a solution to keep loved ones informed about the safety and health of their family and friends when they are far away. Our technology also helps first responders get the critical medical information they need about you in times of crisis.

How We Do It

BioToo’s unique solution uses a popular fashion accessory – the temporary tattoo – to solve both these critical problems. When you register your BioToo using our secure database, first responders can text your unique code to our response number and immediately get back text messages that tell them:

  • Your emergency contact information, so loved ones can be notified that you’re being treated by medical personnel at a specific location.
  • Your medical information, including critical information about allergies, pre-existing conditions and any medications you’re currently taking. This information can then be used by first responders as they deem fit to help them make treatment decisions. All your information is stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant database. And by entering this information yourself during BioToo registration, you are in complete control of what you share.
  • Your information around your medical and social history, including things like exercise, tobacco use, alcohol consumption and more — which can help emergency personnel diagnose and treat you much more quickly and effectively.

Why BioToo Makes Sense for Your Family

If you find yourself or your family in one of these situations frequently, BioToo can help you and your family get the information they need to each other and to emergency workers:

  • Frequent travel (either business or personal) to foreign countries
  • Children or adults with severe allergies
  • Endurance athletes (ultramarathons, triathlons, etc.)
  • Families preparing for travel or events with large crowds (festivals, fairs, markets, etc.)

BioToo takes the uncertainty out of all these situations for you and those you love. Visit our product page to learn more!