BioToo for First Day of School

Let the Creativity Flow

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Children

An allergy can often make a young student feel out of place and quickly become a bigger deal than it needs to be. With BioToo, the distraction of a medical bracelet can be eliminated, and the focus can be your child’s creativity and learning. With BioToo, an allergic reaction can be addressed in a matter of seconds. BioToo’s text response service …

BioToo for Back to School

Start this School Year with One Less Worry

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Children

On average, there are 180 days in a school year. That’s 180 days of schoolwork, paper airplanes, and the potential for an allergic shock. With BioToo, an allergic reaction can be addressed in a matter of seconds. While medical bracelets can easily be lost, with BioToo, there’s nothing to lose so they are perfect for kids. BioToos use a strong …

BioToo & Racing

Take Your Race to the Next Level!

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Sports

We all know that racers are dedicated to improving their time through serious physical preparation. But has the racer in your life also prepared for unexpected medical needs during the race? BioToo can give first responders lifesaving aid when your racer can’t. Next time you or the racer in your life are heading for the finish line, make sure BioToo …

BioToos for Mass Casualty Events

Win WITH Your Team This Year

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Sports, Travel Emergency

You and your family finally have the front row seats at your favorite sporting event. It’s the perfect day: sunny and everyone is enjoying themselves. Then the unthinkable happens. From a mass casualty event to a medical emergency, BioToo has your back. BioToo can speak for you when you can’t by giving first responders critical information about you to aid …

BioToos for Babysitters

Give Your Babysitter the Tools to Succeed

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Children

Leaving your child with a babysitter during the day can always be worrying, especially if your child has severe allergies or medical needs. This summer, give your child and your babysitter the tools to have the best possible time, all while staying safe. BioToo is an easy way to remind your babysitter of any allergies or medical needs that your …

Potlucks and BioToos

Don’t be Out of Luck at Your Next Potluck

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Special Occasion

Neighborhood get-togethers are always fun, but you just never know what you’re going to get at a potluck. The likelihood of an allergic reaction occurring is more likely when food from multiple households is shared since not all cooks are familiar with your allergens. While your neighbors may not know you’re allergic to peanuts, by using BioToo, you can help …

BioToo with Triathlons

BioToo Will Stay With You All the Way Through the Finish Line

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Sports, Travel Safety

BioToos will stay strong through every element. From swimming to biking to running, even a triathlon is no match for a BioToo. BioToos use a strong but gentle adhesive that helps them last through even the toughest race. Don’t let an allergy or medical condition prevent you from competing in your next triathlon, BioToo will speak for you when you …

BioToo for Concerts

Whether it’s Metal or Country, BioToo Will Be There

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo

While there may be a long list of reasons why your teenager shouldn’t go to that concert, don’t let an unexpected medical emergency be one of them. With first responders often already at many concerts, BioToo gives the medical teams critical information when you need it most. You can’t choose what music your teen is into, but you can influence …