BioToo – Starter Package

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The Starter Package contains everything you need to begin your BioToo service, including 6 BioToo temporary tattoos.

Once registered, your BioToos contain a unique message rescue personal can use to receive personalized emergency and medical information for you.

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Temporary Tattoos with a Purpose – Identification & Medical Alert Temporary Tattoos

A BioToo is a temporary tattoo that contains a message to rescue personnel giving them a phone number to text your personalized code to in order to receive your personal emergency and medical information.  The response contains personal information you chose to help give rescue personnel critical information to aid in your treatment. BioToos can be applied for special events only or worn on a regular basis.  Since it is applied directly to your skin, you don’t have to worry about losing it or becoming separated from it in an emergency.  Once applied, your BioToo is always with you.

You can buy BioToos for yourself or to give to others.

For the Unexpected and Unthinkable

BioToos give critical information about you to rescue personnel in emergency situations like:

Easy Setup and Use

The Starter Package contains everything you need to begin your BioToo service. Setup is easy – just login to our system at and enter the information you want communicated to rescue personnel.  You only enter the information you want shared and that is all we will share when they text us your personalized code from your BioToo.

No Hassle Service

Once you register your BioToos, the response service is active for 12 months.  After 12 months, you can renew your registration at for an additional fee or allow it to expire.   At any time during your activated service, you can go into and modify your contact and medical information.  You can also reorder additional BioToos for your active account.

The Starter Package includes:

  • 6 BioToo temporary tattoos
  • 1 Year Text Response Service