XL Reorder Pack – 30 BioToos




Ready for More!

After you use the 6 BioToos from your starter pack, you can order more BioToos for use with your existing response service.  You can reorder BioToos in a variety of quantities and the XL Reorder Pack contains 30 BioToos.

Note: You will need your original BioToo code when you place your reorder, so make sure you note it prior to using all of your BioToos.

To renew your response service or check the expiration date, go to BioToo.org/register.  At any time during your service, you can also modify your contact and medical information at BioToo.org/register.

If you do not have a BioToo account currently active, you can order a BioToo Starter Pack.

How it Works

BioToo temporary tattoos have a message to rescue personal giving them a phone number to text your personalized code to in order to receive your personal emergency and medical information.  The response contains personal information you choose to help give rescue personnel critical information to aid in your treatment.

BioToos can be applied for special events only or worn on a regular basis.  Since BioToos are applied directly to your skin, you don’t have to worry about losing it or becoming separated from it in an emergency.  Once applied, your BioToo is always with you. You can buy BioToos for yourself or to give to others.

Ready When You Need It

BioToos give critical information about you to rescue personnel in emergency situations like:

  • accidents
  • allergic shock
  • natural disasters
  • cardiac events
  • diabetic reactions
  • mass casualty events
  • business and personal travel emergencies
  • lost child
  • any situation where you or another are unable to communicate your medical needs or emergency information.

BioToos are easy to apply and easy to remove when you want.  BioToos will last multiple days under optimal circumstances.

The XL Reorder Pack includes:

  • 30 BioToo temporary tattoos

BioToo text response service sold separately from BioToo Reorder Packs.