BioToo for Your Future

Invest in YOUR Future

Kaylee Tiffin BioToo

When was the last time you made a true investment in yourself? Unexpected things sometimes happen wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. BioToo’s text response service can give first responders critical information about you, making it the perfect investment for someone that cares about tomorrow. While we always hope for the best, it’s important to prepare for the worst. Invest …

BioToos for Babysitters

Give Your Babysitter the Tools to Succeed

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Children

Leaving your child with a babysitter during the day can always be worrying, especially if your child has severe allergies or medical needs. This summer, give your child and your babysitter the tools to have the best possible time, all while staying safe. BioToo is an easy way to remind your babysitter of any allergies or medical needs that your …

BioToos for Road Trips

Be Prepared for the Unavoidable

Kaylee Tiffin BioToo, Travel Emergency, Travel Safety

Long car rides with the family can include inside jokes, spilled soda, and the bickering of siblings. As much as you hope not, your family vacation could also include a traffic accident. Always be prepared with BioToo. In the event of a crash, BioToo can speak for you when you can’t by giving first responders critical information that you otherwise …

BioToos at Amusement Parks

A PSA: Drink Water, and Wear Your BioToos!

Kaylee Tiffin BioToo, Sports, Travel Emergency, Travel Safety

You’re on a day trip to your favorite theme park where everything is just as fun as you remembered until: BOOM! You’ve been on so many roller coasters and had so many funnel cakes that you’ve forgotten to drink enough water! When dehydration sets in and a medical emergency is in the works, BioToo can speak for you when you …

Heat Strokes and BioToos

Beat The Heat This Summer With BioToo!

Kaylee Tiffin BioToo, Travel Emergency, Travel Safety

Several hundred people die from heat stroke each year and countless others suffer from the effects.  As busy summer schedules have us running around during the heat of the day, heat stroke can become a real concern for anyone. This summer, be prepared with BioToo! BioToo can aid first responders if you or a family member pass out due to …

Potlucks and BioToos

Don’t be Out of Luck at Your Next Potluck

Kaylee Tiffin Allergies, BioToo, Special Occasion

Neighborhood get-togethers are always fun, but you just never know what you’re going to get at a potluck. The likelihood of an allergic reaction occurring is more likely when food from multiple households is shared since not all cooks are familiar with your allergens. While your neighbors may not know you’re allergic to peanuts, by using BioToo, you can help …